Bandada de pájaros haciendo la forma de un pájaro

Wines elaborated to value the everyday without overshadowing the day to day, simply to round it off

Botella de Instante tempranillo DOCa Rioja de Minúscula Wines


Tempranillo 2021

They take flight in the twilight, synchronized, dynamic and fast, everything is fleeting and everything is beautiful.

A unique and unrepeatable moment. Once again Nature surprises us with a poetic result.

Botella de Siete Amigos DOCa Rioja de Minúscula Wines

Siete amigos

Selección 2021

Harmonic, synchronized, beautiful... they only need their seven friends around them to create incredible images.

This is our way of elaborating, sharing unique moments to have surprising results.

Our winery

Minúscula Wines has a short production, but we defend that you don't have to be big to do things with quality. Small things can be valued as something unique that has a lot to offer from humility

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